Terms and Conditions

1 Application of Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are applicable to the rental of vacation apartments as well as to all other services and deliveries that are available to guests. The services are provided exclusively in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Terms and Conditions by guests are only applicable if previously agreed. Deviations from these conditions shall only be effective if expressly agreed by the provider in writing.

2 Booking/Booking Confirmation

Please make your booking requests through the booking request form or send them in writing to or call us. If we can provide you with the desired vacation apartment on the desired date, we will send you an email with a written confirmation of the reserved vacation apartment. The booking of the vacation apartment is legally valid after receipt of the booking confirmation or after the initial payment (see §3). Travelers under the age of 18 must provide a written consent from their guardians.

3 Payment Terms

The deposit of 20% of the total price must be made to our account within 7 days from the booking confirmation/receipt of the bill.

The remaining amount must be deposited into our account no later than 3 weeks before the arrival.

For bookings for forthcoming dates, the total price must be immediately paid after the booking confirmation/receipt of the bill.

In exceptional cases, upon prior agreement, payment may be made in cash upon arrival. The minimum rental period is 7 nights.

All expenses arising from the payment, especially in the case of bank transfer from abroad, shall be borne by the client. All bank transfer fees shall be borne by the client, that is, the total price shown in the bill must be transferred to our bank account without fees. Only bank transfers are accepted, or alternatively, in cash, upon prior agreement. Payment via credit card, CE or check is not accepted. We cannot give the keys if the total price has not been fully paid.

4 Arrivals and departures of the clients

The apartment is available on the arrival date from 2.00 pm or according to prior consultation. Please let us know your expected arrival time at least 1 or 2 days before your arrival. If you expect to arrive after 8.00 pm, you must let us know in advance.

The keys will be given after individual agreement.

On the day of departure, the clients must leave the apartment before 12.00 noon or according to prior consultation. It is necessary to wash the dinnerware and store it in the cupboard, empty the trash bins and the refrigerator.

5 Vacation apartments

The owner will hand over the vacation apartment clean and tidy with a full inventory. In case of any existing defect or occurring during the rental period, the owner must be immediately informed. The client is responsible for any damage caused to the rented property or to the inventory, for example, broken dinnerware, damage to the floor or furniture. This also includes the costs arising from losing the keys.

The inventory must be carefully treated, as it is intended to remain in the vacation apartment. It is not permitted to move the furniture, especially the beds. The tenant is also responsible for the negligence of any persons staying with him/her. Damages caused by force majeure are an exception. If the vacation apartment is used in a way that goes against the terms of the contract, such as subrental, overcrowding, disturbance of the peace in the apartment, etc., as well as if the total price is not fully paid, the contract may be terminated without prior notice. The owner shall keep any amounts already paid.

If there is civil liability insurance, the insurance company shall be notified of the damages. The owner must be informed of the name, address and the insurance policy number.

6 Use of the swimming pool

“Using the swimming pool (max water depth 1.20 m) and its area is the sole responsibility of the user, since there are no lifeguards.

The client undertakes to take all due precautions for the safe use of the pool and its area for himself/herself, his/her family, guests and especially children. Children and non-swimmers can only remain in the pool and its area with the proper swimming equipment and under adult supervision.

The landlord assumes no obligations in this respect.

The client agrees to take total responsibility for himself/herself, his/her family and his/her guests. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to use the swimming pool and its area.”

7 Pets

Bringing any type of pets is not allowed in the vacation apartment. If pets are brought, the apartment will not be rented. Cancellation costs will be charged in this event.

8 Stay

The apartment can only be used by the persons listed in the reservation. Additional persons are not allowed to stay.

Subrental or assignment of the apartment to third parties is not allowed. The client accepts the Terms and Conditions, as well as the internal regulations on vacation apartments. The consent declaration is given with the payment. In the event of breach of the Terms and Conditions or the internal regulations, the landlord has the right to immediately terminate the contract, without prior notice. There is no legal right for the reimbursement of the rent money or for compensation. The internal regulations can be found inside the apartments and these include, among other things, a total smoking and vaping prohibition inside the apartments; smoking and vaping are only allowed outdoors on the terraces; cigarette butts must exclusively be disposed of in an ashtray.

9 Cancellation costs:

up to 60 days before the arrival: charge of 20% of the trip price

59 to 30 days before the arrival: charge of 30% of the trip price

29 to 22 days before the arrival: charge of 50% of the trip price

21 to 8 days before the arrival: charge of 80% of the trip price

from 7 days before the arrival: charge of 100% of the trip price

If the client does not show up, he/she will be charged 100% of the trip price

In the event of early departure, there is no right to a reimbursement.

10 Cancellation by the landlord

In the event of cancellation by us as a consequence of force majeure (such as volcanic eruptions) and other circumstances beyond our control, liability is limited to the reimbursement of expenses. In case of justified cancellation, the client will not be entitled to any compensation for damages; we will take no responsibility for travel and hotel expenses. The landlord may terminate the contract after the commencement of the rental period and before a term is concluded, if the tenant disturbs other tenants despite the warning or if he/she behaves in a way that goes against the contract to such an extent that the immediate termination of the contract is justified.

11 Liability; Expiration

The provider assumes responsibility for his obligations under the contract. The responsibility is limited to the serious negligence and intention of the provider, insofar as he is not unlimitedly responsible pursuant to the legal provisions. If there are alterations or deficiencies in the services of the provider, he will make everything possible to rectify the alteration or the deficiency as soon as the client is aware of it and complains. The provider assumes no responsibility for the objects provided by the guest; the meaning given in articles 701 and the following of the German Civil Code has not the consideration of provided objects. Therefore, the provider is expressly free from responsibility pursuant to these provisions. This also expressly applies to the valuables that the guest keeps and/or leaves in the vacation apartment. Guests are responsible for all damages caused by them, their travel companions or their visitors in the vacation apartment and/or its inventory. Private civil liability insurance is recommended for guests. Guests are compelled to immediately notify the provider with respect to any damage. This especially applies to the damages that may also affect other apartments of the resort (for instance, water or fire damage).

Claims by the guests expire in six months, unless the provider is intentionally responsible.

Claims by the provider shall expire in the corresponding legal term.

12 Written form

There are no other agreements different from the ones stated in this contract. There are no oral agreements. The general Terms and Conditions are accepted by making the deposit.

13. Divisibility

If one or more of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions is declared invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a valid provision that is as similar as possible to the invalid provision with regard to its economic purpose.

14. Jurisdiction

 The area of jurisdiction shall be Los Llanos de Aridane in S/C de Tenerife. The law of Spain applies.